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Braille signs are tactile symbols made up of raised dots, used to provide information to individuals with visual impairments.

These signs often appear in public spaces, indicating room numbers, restroom signs, or other important information. Each braille character represents a letter or number, allowing individuals to read through touch. Braille sign are helpful for people with visual impairment.The signs are tactile symbols that are made up of dots and provide information clearly. The Braille characters represent letters or numbers which allow individuals to read by touching it. Braille sign are also facilitated in the workplace. It allows the employees to navigate properly and work independently. Disabled persons need signs in public places so they can feel a sense of independence

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Shaheen Arts - is among the best Braille Signage Companies in the UAE

We provide a distinct feel when you touch it. The manufacturing process of our company is reliable. We try to provide a clear text so it can benefit the blind people. After preparing our designs, we test them and get feedback about its effectiveness and usability.

In educational resources, our braille sign can be a big green flag for the students, because they can maintain their education life easily just like other students. Braille signs play a crucial role in the lives of the blind individuals. Our company provides them with the best signs to access information, to get the feel of independence. They can move freely in their surroundings and get success in various aspects of life.

Our company never lets its customers feel desperate when it comes to the reliability of the signs. We ensure high quality and maintenance.

Best Braille Signage Company in Abu Dhabi

Offering the strongest Braille Signs for Blind People

Braille and Tactile signs of all types and shapes

ur company creates effective braille sign by keeping the specific guidelines in mind. We ensure high-quality braille sign for our clients. We use high quality materials which are durable and high-contrast so they can be used properly. We also ensure visibility and longevity. Our company has a number of skilled designers who work with full dedication and create appealing signs. We have experienced translators who convert translation into dots accurately. Our signs provide meaningful information to visually impaired individuals. We keep the proper sizing and spacing of the dots and characters so the readability can be more enhanced. Our company ensures legibility. We provide sufficient contrast between the background and the braille characters. It makes the design more appealing aesthetically. We design braille signs with raised and rounded dots for better precision.

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    Offering the strongest braille sign for Blind People

    The importance of braille sign can never be overstated. It provides accessibility and chances of better communication. It gives employment opportunities to the visually impaired people. Our company designs the best braille sign all over the UAE which can help out to get information clearly. The blind people can get the ability to move around and interact within their surroundings. They can enjoy themselves without any assistance. It also enhances the communication by providing them more precise information so they can identify the instructions written on them. This way, blind individuals can properly communicate. In education, braille sign are very important for the blind students. In educational institutions the signs can be put to support the learning process and independence of the blind students. 

    Customized Signage Solutions – LED Moving Display in UAE

    Our company provides customized signage solutions for your signs. We are known as a versatile signage provider because of the number and type of signs we offer. Our braille sign are considered the top and well made signs with durability and accessibility. We put a whole effort into ensuring that our braille signs can get more beneficial and productive for your purposes. Any type of signs you need for different tasks , may be in educational institutions, buildings, restrooms or office areas, you can order and get the custom braille signs. We also offer repairing signage solutions. We are one of the best signage printing companies in Dubai, Abu dhabi. Our designs and work process speaks louder when you experience it yourself.

    Pioneering Inclusive Braille Signage in Dubai

    Shaheen Arts is a No.1 printing company which provides leading braille sign in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Braille sign made by our company serve for many purposes like navigation, accessibility and safety. This is also helpful in education and employment. In navigation, these signs help blind people to navigate and identify areas and rooms in unfamiliar places. In the sense of safety, these signs convey safety information like exit signs or emergency instructions. It enhances overall safety for the blind people. These signs by our company provide access to information in public places and buildings. By using braille sign, the places become more visible. Using our company-made signs ensures that the people with blindness or visual impairment can engage energetically in their surroundings.


    Braille sign come in many types and they serve different purposes for example informational signs, tactile signs, elevator signs, exit braille sign, restroom signs, safety signs, labeling signs and educational signs. Each type of sign has an aim to increase accessibility for the people who are visually impaired. 


    ADA braille sign

    ADA braille sign ensure accessibility. Raised letters or characters are used in their making. High contrast is used between the character and background. Specific mounting height is put to ensure accessibility. Clear character recognition is also essential for enhancing legibility. On the braille sign, essential information is provided such as room number and directions to create an inclusive environment in public places.

    Tactile & Braille Safety Signs

    Combining the textile elements and braille sign can create a comprehensive system to support the read and touch needs. It can be very beneficial for the individuals who are disabled persons.

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